1002789_517727678280518_1565500266_sWhat a fantastic sport this is. This is one sport where you never stop learning and is so exhilarating to do. The better you become, the faster you go. The average race board will leave a sailing dinghy in its wake, and that includes the catamarans !!

No sport other than windsurfing can give you the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open, gliding effortlessly (once you have learnt!) over beautiful, clear waters of St. Austell Bay.

It’s a sport where you can cross great expanses with a friend or explore unchartered waters. A windsurfer has virtually unlimited access to the nation’s waterways. In fact, it is so incredibly fun and easy to do, windsurfing has got to be the perfect sport, combining the thrills of surfing, the tranquillity of sailing, and puts you in touch with nature better than a good hike.

This family was known for this particular sport, Pete, Bruce’s brother was world champion and Bruce was National champion himself. Both won on boards that Bruce built which was originally designed by Sean Cox of Demon Design sails. Bruce is presently rebuilding his Division 1 board which won the UK Nationals in 1989.

We have quite a variety of boards. We have brand new Bic Beach boards.  You can try a Division II board and wonder at how they raced these things, and be surprised that the old DivI boards 20 years ago were clocked at 27 knots!

Those interested in the Old world championship winning race board from 1988 can see it below. It is presently being restored by Bruce and he recently shaped a new centreboard, the first one in nearly 20 years!  Be interesting to see how it compares to the ‘new’ longboards now coming onto the market. A change in measurement rules meant that the boards were outlawed I believe for the 1990 season. They were to boat like at the front, i.e. not flat enough. Probably a lesson in how to stop all development! Clocked at around 26 knots in 1989. Now the rules changed and Bruce finished building what was the logical development of the sabre last October 2011, a wave piercing raceboard that won its race first time on the water.

New race board above.

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