WindSurfing School RYA approved

At Cornwall watersports, on pentewan sands beach, we have over 35 years  experience in windsurfing. Be it teaching or building them,we are dedicated  to providing windsurfing lessons & windsurf hire at cornwall watersports, pentewan. Cornwall is  known as the UK’s top location for this sport  so  learn & progress with us. Instruction is provided using the latest equipment and at competitive prices. Pentewan in the past hosted several national events and the owner won the nationals on this beach on the board he built. His brother won the worlds on a board built by Bruce the previous year.

We are an an independent windsurf school that can offer small group tuition to a very high teaching standard. We have three simulators to learn on, again of our own design which are low so you dont hurt yourself falling off like some other simulator designs.  Our business is built largely on word of mouth & repeat students who love their first beginners lessons and keep coming back to us, using our windsurf hire scheme to practice the basics and then taking more lessons to move up through the various levels of windsurfing.

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Whether you are a complete beginner looking to learn to windsurf for the first time or an intermediate / advanced windsurfer who wants help with anything from beach starts, through harness & footstraps come on one of our windsurfing courses & we can make it happen for you!

So people, get off those X boxes, wii’s and play Stations and come and have some real exhileration where you can, with practice, be skimming over the water at 25 to thirty knots ( now you are wondering what a ‘knot’ is, well, first lesson, 1 knot is 1.16MPH!) which is as fast as your averaage speed boat. Whats more it is all free!


Our beginners lessons will give you the skills & knowledge to enjoy windsurfing. Once you have completed your 2 x 3 hour sessions you are qualified enough to venture out on your own. Your next step will be to hire from us for a while to get a feel for the sport. To take your learning to the next level (or for those wanting to get back into the sport) come on one of our improver sessions at Cornwall watersports  for £55 per 2 hour session, we will teach you all you need to develop your skills & learn techniques to make your windsurfing hassle free. To really progress you should take a 1 to 1 windsurf lesson that will boost your learning curve and is only £40 an hour


½ Day Starter Course (BEGINNERS)

This is a short half day course which is designed to get you windsurfing , making simple turns and steering. This also forms the first part of the R.Y.A Start 
Windsurfing course.

Start Windsurfing (BEGINNERS)

This is a very comprehensive one day course aimed at those considering taking up this exciting sport. It starts with learning to rig and incorporates sailing across the wind, upwind, downwind, tacking and gybing and the relevant theory at this level. This is an RYA certificate course.


Safety is one of the main priorities of Cornwall watersports. An instructor and rescue/teaching boat are in attendance on the sea, equipped with VHF radios and marine safety equipment at all times while teaching is in progress.

Learning to windsurf with light modern equipment is fun and easy, on these wide style learning boards. It’s an amazing sport where you can learn at your own rate and challenge yourself agaisnt nature and the elements.

We supply a wide range of quality boards, sails, wetsuits, harnesses, Bouyancy Aids, helmets and footwear.

A safety boat is always on hand just in case you need personal coaching, advice, or even possibly a lift home !

Our aim ? That you have loads of FUN in a safe learning, nurturing environment. See you down there.