Our Environment

At Cornwall watersports we are very passionate about our environment, we are incredibly blessed to live and work in this amazing County of Cornwall. We work closely with Charities and organisations that help us care and nurture our environment in the hope of keeping it healthy and clean without disrupting our wildlife.

We support the Marine Conservation Society and Surfers against Sewage with bi annual beach cleans. Over the last 25 years the information volunteers have collected helps make some of the most significant impacts on beach litter ever- the plastic bag charge, micro plastics banned in personal care products and better wet wipe labelling and a massive support for a tax on single use plastics. We do our own Beach Cleans along with Pentewan Sands Holiday Park and are incredibly proud of how clean our local beaches and coves are. On our Local Paddle outs many of us are found with rubbish and plastic bottles tied to our boards collecting from rocks and coves inaccessible by foot.

We actively support our local wildlife group Three Bays Wildlife. The voluntary community group, affiliated with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, formed in 2018 and consists of a committee dedicated to a wide variety of wildlife and environmental subjects. The area defined is Charlestown to West Portholland which helps to conserve, further discover and enhance the special natural environment of the Three Bays wildlife area. They have provided us with special WiSe training which enables us to watch marine wildlife in a wildlife safe way. We are very proud of our WiSe status as we regularly come into contact with seals, dolphins and sea birds and we are keen to educate the general public to minimise their impact whilst out or near the water

ERCCIS is Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Ilses of Scilly, they run ORKS (online recording Kernow and scilly) wildlife app. ORKS has been designed to make it quick and easy as possible to submit, store and share any wildlife records. Information on downloading the app is below.

https://orks.org.uk    For recording your own wildlife finds while in and around Cornwall

https://www.sas.org.uk   Surfers Against Sewage

https://www.mcsuk.og    Marine Conservation Society for more information on Beach Cleans all over UK